October 25, 2017   04:10   Commercial Times   Wang, Miao-qin


As Taiwan enters the aging society, the demand for stairlifts will increase gradually. In recent years, the first brand of stairlifts-Lobsang Stairlift has shown its double-digit growth in the supply. In the meantime, the sales are increasing obviously. Up to now, the annual sales have exceeded 800. Compared with 600 in the same period last year, the annual rate of increase reaches up to 35%. Lobsang is currently the leading company among stairlift equipment manufacturers.


As a matter of fact, Lobsang stairlift has made great effort to improve its brand value. This year, Lobsang invites Chen, Chao-jung, who usually as a dutiful son in Taiwanese drama, as the brand ambassador. Lobsang also released a warm video show the new brand image. A few days ago, Lobsang was awarded "Gold Hand Award" because it is the most outstanding enterprise which has huge development potential in Taichung.


Wang, Shi-xu, general manager of Lobsang Group, said, "It's a honor for us to win the Gold Hand Award, and we will continue providing friendly stairlifts and improve the life quality of our customers." Currently, Lobsang Group has a wide range of products and focuses on manufacturing the curved-track and straight-track stairlifts. Lobsang has built a concrete foundation in Taiwan and it is expected to expand its foreign sales to southeast Asia next year, adding new energy and power for the business operation.


Wang, Shi-xu revealed that it is not easy for him to start a business. At the very beginning, Lobsang served as the agent for stairlift of different foreign brands. However, the cost was extremely high and few people know what stairlift is. The installation needs are pretty rare, so Lobsang finally decided to stop the agency service. Lobsang learned experiences from international companies and realized that Lobsang must manufacture its own high-quality stairlift catering for market in Taiwan. Lobsang failed to acquire two companies due to different corporate values. However, all these failures didn't beat Wang, Shi-xu. Through an internal restructuring and transformation, Lobsang precisely finds its brand position and focuses on the business market. Eventually, Lobsang has been flourished until today..


Data Source:http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20171025000217-260206




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