Actual Product Video
Actual Product Video
Hualien rehabilitation clinic shares how to use stairlift
Jiang Bowen Rehabilitation Clinic located in Hualien chooses to install Lobsang stairlift to help patients go up to the second floor for rehabilitation. This video shows the safety instructions about how to shift from the wheelchair to the stairlift.
Actual Product Video
Straight-track Type Stairlift-Demonstration of Auto-retracting Motion Rail
Through an advanced design, the straight stairlift"s motion rail is able to automatically retract without compromising the existing motion rail. Please watch the video to know its subtle design.
Actual Product Video
Stairlift-draw the precision measurement and 3D simulated diagram before installation
By using the precision instrument to measure the actual condition of the staircase, Lobsang can draw corresponding 3D diagram and produce the dedicated motion rail. For the sake of safety, Lobsang has made full use of the technology. Please watch the video to know how to install the stairlift.
Actual Product Video
Return...Micro Film with Chen Chaojung as the Leading Actor...Home-based Legacy Passing Down from Generation to Generation
The reason why a traveler does not want to go home. Children fighting for their career in foreign land are longing for going home. From the implicit and slightly depressive expression on the face of Chen Chaojung, people can understand such complicated feelings. Meanwhile, it can also perfectly reflect the mood of young people working in other places.
Actual Product Video
How to Use the Straight-track Stairlift
Lobsang straight-track stairlift is made in Taiwan and widely sold in North America. ●User-friendly operation mode: the control button can be set according to different habits. ● Payload: 135kg (One person use only) ● Touch-activated anti-trap sensing device: it will immediately stop if it hits any obstacle. ● Status indicator: it is easy to know the specific status and discover any failure. ● Three colors are provided...
Actual Product Video
Curved-track Stairlift Instructions
Please install Lobsang stairlift for the sake of your family members" safety. Through cooperating with the Industrial Technology Research Institute on technological R&D, the thin and power-saving motor is so compact that it can meet the needs of house in Taiwan. Besides, Lobsang Stair Lift has obtained multiple professional certifications and awards, further promoting MIT quality to the international level.
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