Honorary Awards
Honorary Awards
Selection of 2017 "Friendly Auxiliary Products for Handicapped and Elder Award" [Outstanding Product]
Lobsang stairlift was selected to be the outstanding auxiliary equipment in four consecutive years (2014-2017) among 92 manufacturers and products by the Bureau of Standard.
Honorary Awards
Lobsang stairlift won 2017 Gold Hand Award.
Gold Hand Award Winners were Revealed Lin Jialong: Pioneer Black Hand is A Treasure for Taiwan.
Honorary Awards
Taichung SEMs Gold Hand Award (Dataichung News)
Honorary Awards
Honorary Awards
Lobsang Book Store Founder won the Social Education Contribution Award given by Ministry of Education.
Lobsang Book Store Founder-General Manager Wang Shih Syn won the 2017 Social Education Contribution Award conferred by Ministry of Education. "I want to give my sincere thank to the stated-owned public information library. Due to its strong recommendation, I could have the honor to be here with other pioneers, making great contribution to the social education and creating a better society."
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