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Online Support for 2020 Olympics Tokyo # Lobsang – Helping you move freely
Please join Lobsang in cheering for our three athletes (Xie Qianhe, Cao Chunyu and You Yajun) as we wish them the best of luck in qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics.
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Which are the common sport injuries among the elderly?
Let"s welcome Doctor Kaiping from Landseed Hospital. He will shed light on exercise for the elderly.
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Lobsang Stairlift Exhibition Center in Sanchong District
Lobsang Stairlift Exhibition Center in Sanchong District Address: 1F, No.16, Guangfu Road, Sanchong District, New Taipei City Tel.: 02-2999-3822
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Lobsang Stairlifts - An Affordable Solution for Customers
Unlike European and American staircases, most staircases in Taiwan are turning stairs. Lobsang"s products and services have the people"s needs in mind.
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Optimized Magnetic Motor makes Lobsang Stairlifts excellent in Every Regard.
Upholding the concept “Taiwan Brand and Made in Taiwan”, Lobsang adopts ITRI’s optimized magnetic motor as its technical core and is able to automatically control slow start and slow deceleration. In fact, this technology has won the R&D 100 Awards, which further improves the inherent advantages of stairlifts. Moreover, its affordable price also makes it a new viable option for consumers, and it will further benefit the elderly and the disabled. In the future, this technology will encourage even more cross-sectoral cooperation and technology transfers, realizing both smart technology and green environmental protection.
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