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Lobsang Stairlift

In partnership with the Industrial Technology Research Institute,
Lobsang developed stair lifts that are tailored to the needs of Taiwanese people.
Having received multiple specialized certifications and awards,
our products are safe and help instill confidence.
Stairlift Stairlift

Product Advantages

A number of certifications
are conferred to our quality

  • StairliftConforming to CNS15830-2 National Standards
  • StairliftVarious patent certificates are obtained
  • StairliftMeets CE marking product specifications.
  • StairliftGold Hand Award
  • StairliftGlobal R&D100 Award
  • StairliftAward for Auxiliary Products Geared to the Handicapped
    and the Elder conferred by Standard Inspection Bureau
    of Ministry of Economy
Stairlift Stairlift


Our intentions,
Starting from the land in Taiwan

  • StairliftOur staircase is very narrow. Can I have a stairlift installed?
  • StairliftHow much does installling a stairlift cost?
  • StairliftWill installing a stairlift damage the building structure?
    Will the installation process disturb my neighbors?
  • StairliftWhich is more suitable for me? Stairlift or elevator?
  • StairliftWhen will it be done after ordering? How many working days?

Home-based, Handed down
from generation to generation

Starting from home, creating a leading company for a healthy life

Since its founding in 2001, Lobsang, bearing wishes of fortune,
well-being, and happiness, has opened spiritual windows
and gotten on good terms with people.
From spiritual elevation to care for the family, the environment,
and the society.

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