Auxiliary Appliance Subsidization Application Method
  • Are there any laws on the installation of stairlifts? Will I be required to file certain applications?

    At present, there are no relevant domestc regulations on the installation of stairlifts. However, many public offices already regard the stairlift as a legitimate barrier-free facility. Therefore, stairlift installation is legitmate and no other additional application procedures are required.

  • How do I apply for the auxiliary appliance subsidization?

    Step 1/Submit application (Needs)

    Each local government body has its own standards when it comes to auxiliary apparatuses. Please contact related governmental agencies (Long-term Care Management Center or Auxiliary Appliance Resource Center). Tell them the auxiliary appliance you want to apply for and they will tell you all the  application documents you will need to hand in, as well as inform you of the application contact (District Office Social Studies/Auxiliary Appliance Resource Center/Long-term Care Management Center) and where to go for the auxiliary appliance evaluation.

    Step 2/Auxiliary Appliance Evaluation

    •Evaluation of Auxiliary Equipment for the Disabled Elderly: The Long-term Care Management Center shall assign professional staff to conduct home evaluation and issue an evaluation report.
    •Disabled: For different auxiliary appliances, corresponding evaluation reports shall be issued by professionals at medical institutions or the  Auxiliary Appliance Resource Center.

    Step 3/Purchase of the Auxiliary Appliance 

    After receiving the approval letter from the government, the auxiliary appliance  needs to be purchased within 3 months. Please remember to  and ask for an invoice of the purchase.

    Step 4/Applying for Subsidization

    You need to first prepare relevant application documents,  including: Photocopy of the government's Approval Letter, Deposit Book, Invoice or Purchase Certificate and photocopy of the Written Warranty, and mail them to the Department of Social Welfare or the District Office of your respective residence registration. All you need to do then, is await the issuance of funding. To ensure that you are given the right auxiliary appliance, all auxiliary appliances will first require evaluation conducted by professional staff (either from the Long-term Care Management Center or Auxiliary Appliance Resource Center) being purchased. If you purchase an auxiliary appliance without first conducting evaluation, you will not be eligible for subsidization application.

    Data Source: i Long-term care Platform

    Regulations Governing Medical and Auxiliary Appliance Subsidies for the Disabled (Click here to download)

    Auxiliary Appliance Evaluation Report (Click here to download)

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