Environment and Installation
  • Can the stairlift be installed in apartments?

    The stairlift CAN be installed in apartments. As the stairway is a public space shared by all residents, the written consent of all apartment dwellers must be obtained before installation.

    Written Consent for Apartment Stairlift Installation (Click here to download)
    Lobsang Stairlift Installation Instructions (Click here to download)

  • Our staircase is very narrow. Can I have a stairlift installed?

    As long as the net width of the staircase is >70cm, a stairlift can be installed.Lobsang’s stairlift comes with automatic retraction mechanisms that help free up space. For example, the straight-track lift imported from Japan is only 24cm when folded.

  • If there is a curving platform on every floor of my building, can I still install a stairlift?

    Lobsang’s smart stairlifts are especially designed for curved staircases. Whether your staircase is n-shaped, L-shaped, curved etc., Lobsang can customize motion rails that match your staircase. 

  • How is the stairlift fixed and held in place? Will the handrail need to be removed?

    The motion rail is intalled into the staircase itself, not to the wall or the handrail. The walls and general structure of the house is left undamaged.

  • Will installing a stairlift damage the building structure? Will the installation process disturb my neighbors?

    The motion rail is fixed to the stairs, not the wall or the handrail. The walls and general structure of the house is left undamaged. In addition, installation can be completed in a single day. The whole installation process is quick, quiet and simple.

  • Will the staircase"s construction material affect installation? Can it be installed outdoors?

    Lobsang stairlift can be installed on a whole variety of construction materials including terrazzo, marble, ceramic tiles or even wooden boards. Lobsang also offers dedicated models for outdoor installation.

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