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  • Can the stairlift be installed in apartments?

    The stairlift CAN be installed in apartments. As the stairway is a public space shared by all residents, the written consent of all apartment dwellers must be obtained before installation.

    Written Consent for Apartment Stairlift Installation (Click here to download)
    Lobsang Stairlift Installation Instructions (Click here to download)

  • Our staircase is very narrow. Can I have a stairlift installed?

    As long as the net width of the staircase is >70cm, a stairlift can be installed.Lobsang’s stairlift comes with automatic retraction mechanisms that help free up space. For example, the straight-track lift imported from Japan is only 24cm when folded.

  • If there is a curving platform on every floor of my building, can I still install a stairlift?

    Lobsang’s smart stairlifts are especially designed for curved staircases. Whether your staircase is n-shaped, L-shaped, curved etc., Lobsang can customize motion rails that match your staircase. 

  • How is the stairlift fixed and held in place? Will the handrail need to be removed?

    The motion rail is intalled into the staircase itself, not to the wall or the handrail. The walls and general structure of the house is left undamaged.

  • Will installing a stairlift damage the building structure? Will the installation process disturb my neighbors?

    The motion rail is fixed to the stairs, not the wall or the handrail. The walls and general structure of the house is left undamaged. In addition, installation can be completed in a single day. The whole installation process is quick, quiet and simple.

  • Will the staircase"s construction material affect installation? Can it be installed outdoors?

    Lobsang stairlift can be installed on a whole variety of construction materials including terrazzo, marble, ceramic tiles or even wooden boards. Lobsang also offers dedicated models for outdoor installation.

  • What"s the stairlift"s maximum load and motion speed?

    Lobsang stairlifts are able to carry a maximum  weight of 120kg, with the standard safe travelling speed being 6m/minute (can be adjusted to meet the needs of actual usage).

  • How many people can the stairlift carry at a time? Can the stairlift be used to carrying objects?

    The stairlift can only be used to carry a person at a time. If you wish to carry two people at once, the staircase lifting platform may be installed.
     The stair lift was originally designed for the transport of people, with the transport of small objects as a secondary function. If you need to carry small objects up and down the stairs, please make sure they don’t exceed the weight limit and are securely fastened. Incorrect use can cause damage to the machine. For households with a straight staircase, purchasing a dedicated cargo lift is recommended.

  • Is it difficult for the elderly to operate the stairlift?

    Lobsang stairlifts (both in Taiwan and Japan) are especially designed for intuitive operation, making it easy to use for the elderly and the disabled. Many of Lobsang's clients are over 80 years old and still find stairlift easy to operate.

  • Does the stairlift consume a lot of power?

    Lobsang stairlifts can be charged through a fixed charging equipment or through a direct power output (Japanese specification). Both are compatible with the average 110V household power supply and costs approx. 100  TWD per month in power usage. It is environmental-friendly and energy-saving.

  • Does Lobsang offer warranty for its stairlifts? How often will maintenance be required?

    Under normal usage, maintenance only requires cleaning of the motion rails (do not wipe off the oil from the gears). We offer an all-inclusive 2 year warranty, which includes free home-service. For maintenance or repair, please call the toll-free Maintenance & Repair Direct Line at 0800-006622
    Our dedicated staff shall tend to your needs. We recommend signing a maintenance agreement after the expiration of the all-inclusive 2 year warranty.  

  • How much does installling a stairlift cost?

    It depends on each specific staircase. It's difficult to provide an estimate prior to seeing your staircase. If required, we can can have one of our professional staff visit your home and after making relevant measurements, give you an installation cost estimation (free of charge). Moreover, our friendly staff will also give you also give suggestions based on your personal needs. 

  • How much do I have to pay for on-site measurement and cost estimation services?

    Our on-site measurement and cost estmation is free of charge. Our well-trained staff will visit you at  your home to discuss relevant installation details.

  • What if I live in the surburbs, or rural areas?

    Lobsang understands that no matter where you live, climbing staircases can be an issue. Regardless of which Taiwanese city (county, offshore island or suburb) you live in, we offer the most sincere of  services .

  • Are there any laws on the installation of stairlifts? Will I be required to file certain applications?

    At present, there are no relevant domestc regulations on the installation of stairlifts. However, many public offices already regard the stairlift as a legitimate barrier-free facility. Therefore, stairlift installation is legitmate and no other additional application procedures are required.

  • How do I apply for the auxiliary appliance subsidization?

    Step 1/Submit application (Needs)

    Each local government body has its own standards when it comes to auxiliary apparatuses. Please contact related governmental agencies (Long-term Care Management Center or Auxiliary Appliance Resource Center). Tell them the auxiliary appliance you want to apply for and they will tell you all the  application documents you will need to hand in, as well as inform you of the application contact (District Office Social Studies/Auxiliary Appliance Resource Center/Long-term Care Management Center) and where to go for the auxiliary appliance evaluation.

    Step 2/Auxiliary Appliance Evaluation

    •Evaluation of Auxiliary Equipment for the Disabled Elderly: The Long-term Care Management Center shall assign professional staff to conduct home evaluation and issue an evaluation report.
    •Disabled: For different auxiliary appliances, corresponding evaluation reports shall be issued by professionals at medical institutions or the  Auxiliary Appliance Resource Center.

    Step 3/Purchase of the Auxiliary Appliance

    After receiving the approval letter from the government, the auxiliary appliance  needs to be purchased within 3 months. Please remember to  and ask for an invoice of the purchase.

    Step 4/Applying for Subsidization

    You need to first prepare relevant application documents,  including: Photocopy of the government's Approval Letter, Deposit Book, Invoice or Purchase Certificate and photocopy of the Written Warranty, and mail them to the Department of Social Welfare or the District Office of your respective residence registration. All you need to do then, is await the issuance of funding. To ensure that you are given the right auxiliary appliance, all auxiliary appliances will first require evaluation conducted by professional staff (either from the Long-term Care Management Center or Auxiliary Appliance Resource Center) being purchased. If you purchase an auxiliary appliance without first conducting evaluation, you will not be eligible for subsidization application.

    Data Source: i Long-term care Platform

    Regulations Governing Medical and Auxiliary Appliance Subsidies for the Disabled (Click here to download)

    Auxiliary Appliance Evaluation Report (Click here to download)

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