The Honor of MIT

Lobsang Stairlift


Roller Activation Device

Safety Switch and Roller Activation Device
It’s located on the side of the handrail with the intent to avoid unwanted movement of the lift due to the user inadvertently touching the roller.


Automatic Seatbelt Retraction

The user can firmly fasten the safety belt with one single hand; it will automatically retract after start, and it's easy and safe to use.


Seat and footrest retraction for space saving

If they're left unused, it's easy to fold them and save the staircase space.


Turning seat for safe exit

When the user reaches the staircase, the user can manually turn it 90 degrees for safe exit.

The Honor of MIT

Lobsang Stairlift

The Honor of MIT

Lobsang Stairlift

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