(Reporter: Tu Yingru/Taipei)


According to Ministry of the Interior statistics, there're now about 8.34 million households. Those that lack elevating equipment and are 5 floors or less, total 4.22 million households, occupying over 50% of residential buildings. The majority of domestic residential buildings lack elevators. In New Taipei City, there are over 30,000 old apartments that have less than 5 floors while also lacking elevators. This has resulted in inconvenience for the elderly and the disabled when it comes to walking up and down staircases. In face of an aging population, the government now grants elevator subsidies for buildings over 15 years of age. However, due to limited basic construction spacing and proprietor's refusal to cooperate, very few applications have been approved. For this reason, many people have turned to the more easily-acceptable solution - Stairlifts (rail-mounted stair-climbing machine). Stairlifts do not require a large floor area, nor does it require complicated application procedures. By affixing the dedicated motion rail to the existing staircase, people can use stairlifts to get up and down. In addition, stairlifts are fast, reliable, safe while being absent of the tight, enclosed feeling that elevators are known for. 

alternative and enable the disabled or the elderly to easily get up and down the staircase.
Lobsang's MIT Stairslifts are available for test rides at the Taipei Exhibition Center, Sanchong District, New Taipei City. In 2012, Lobsang worked with the Industrial Technology Research Institute and succeeded in developing the DC Brushless Thin Motor, a product which is light, compact, quiet, and can save up to 30% power consumption. Considering that 90% of staircases in Taiwan are turning stairs, Lobsang Stairlift products feature auto turning slow-down, touch-activated stop sensor, flexible safety belt, safety handrail and is equipped with an LCD display panel. It can be operated in 5 different languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, English and Japanese. Our stairlifts are not only industry leading but can notifies the user of the current usage status. In addition, when in motion, music will play to not only entertain the user but also lets others know of its motion and its specific position. Labsong puts itself in the users’ shoes and implements many useful functions that meets the users’ needs. Many think that the product should be listed as one of government subsidized products.


News Source:Liberty Times


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